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Blockchain credentials: unalterable information to facilitate inclusion | Milan Digital Week 2021

TiiQu's blockchain technology for virtuous ecosystems where leading companies, the IT training provider Powercoders and UNHCR collaborate to make the professional skills of refugees and asylum seekers traceable and irrefutable through “immutable” and instantly verifiable credentials. (Session in Italian, recording with subtitles available on YouTube from March,25th)

VERIIF: how does it work?

Veriif is the open-source verifier released by TiiQu. See how it works the verification of a blockchain-based credential

Ceo Laura Degiovanni at Digitanable Forum - Mindful use of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (D&AI) for the SDGs

How are D&AI helping to address the gaps hindering the progress of the UN Agenda 2030? More specificially, how are different D&AI technologies influencing the sustainable transformation pathways at a local, regional, national, and global level? How are the technologies being taken up by stakeholders, particularly the private sector and NGOs?

TiiQu Code of Ethics

Like every powerful technology, tools like blockchain and AI inhabit potential risks too. These risks need to be understood, addressed and mitigated.

Find TiiQu at #DLT4Good, the EU commission tool scanning DLT for social and public goals

Scanning for and mapping current, emerging and potential applications, sectors, organisations, and more, in the field of DLTs for social and public good. 

The European Ecosystem of Distributed Ledger Technologies - Report

(...) there are numerous organisations nowadays searching for alternative ways to harness the potential of DLTs in the pursuit of public and social good, from local to global challenges, and towards more inclusive, cooperative, sustainable, ethical or accountable digital and physical worlds. 

HR Digital: A Potent Mix for Effective Revenue Stream - Mobility Demand

A human resources team essentially symbolizes human touch. Paired with the 21st-century technology and the ‘digital’ buzzword, you have the perfect recipe for nurturing talent to scale revenue into new heights.

These are the Top Identity Management Companies in United Kingdom (2021)

Best United Kingdom-based Identity Management companies selected by Threat.Technology. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Identity Management industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

Wellness programs and privacy : Health-ID powered by TiiQu case study

The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined to prioritize health and wellbeing of employees, in terms of physical and mental health. However, many employees struggle to join wellness programs due to privacy. Health-ID aims going further than COIVD-19 health passports.

Equal access to education and work - The Asylum Pass by TiiQu Case Study

Empowering refugees and asylum seekers with immutable credentials: an investment in digitalization capable of creating a tangible return for the entire society.

White eBook #1 - DLT for blockchain-based certification and Time Stamping

Learn more about distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), such as blockchains, why and how these technologies are primarily tamper-resistant and time-stamped databases.

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